Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

It never ceases to amaze me how intelligent people can possibly believe in Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Yes of course there was a pool of primordial sludge, Darwin said so!. Supposedly, a single cell found itself in this sludge, multiplied and crawled out. But who put the sludge there? Darwin theorises that over time, this conglomeration of cells decided one day to grow an eye so it could see, but not having a brain it couldn't understand what it was seeing so it grew another one and then a pair of ears so it might hear what was going on, that didn't work so this bundle of unintelligence decided to grow a brain. With its newly acquired brain, this seeing hearing blob thought 'jolly good, I'll now grow some arms and legs so I can get around and do things.

Now I do believe in evolution, I believe a giraffe is a giraffe and a spider is a spider and so on. They will never be anything else but for what God made them to be. During the industrial revolution in Britain, when humans started pumping their air full of pollutants, dark soot fell on trees, darkening their bark and endangered Britain's lightly coloured Peppered Moth making it easily picked out by predators. Over several generations, as the lightest moths were eaten and the darker moths tended to survive, the moths in the region became darker. When pollution controls started to reduce the amount of soot in the air in the 1970s, dark moths were at risk. Today, most moths have returned to their original light colour. That's evolution & natural selection! My point of view on evolution is more to do with adaptation to geography and climate.

An elephant will always be an elephant, an ant an ant, a monkey a monkey and a human a human - just the way God designed and made them but with room to evolve within their own species for adaptation to their current existent circumstance. However, in the heavens, there reigns a brilliant omniscient architect - designer - creator, whom I choose to call God who is responsible for all there is. How far the east is from the west is the intellect divide between God and man. As much as man thinks he is a superior being, he's only superior in his own lunch box, God designed and set our brains within boundaries that cannot be breached. What a masterful and accomplished engineer is our God.