Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

It depends on how old you are as to how ‘nigh’ is really nigh. I am in my late eighties so for me ‘nigh’ is not very far away.
The end is near
One thing seems fairly obvious to me. When I do eventually kick the bucket, cock my toes, pass away, cross to the other side or just plain die - my world will end. Whatever, storms and tempests strike after I am gone, they will have no effect on me. They might move my bones or ashes a few yards but the Arthur that thinks and wonders will be totally unconcerned. His world, at least, will have ended. (We will talk about other worlds later)

The hoary old, philosophical question asks “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?”.
A tree falls

Look it up on Google and you will quickly get bogged down in a mass of answers from people who know they are right. There’s another one for you, if someone say "I know I am right!" there is no place for argument or discussion - "I am right" so, if your opinion differs from mine, you and all the people in the world who don’t agree with me are wrong.

Anyway, back to the end of the world. I am not very good at anything apart from possibly ‘Crack-pot theories’. As I watch the world flash past at a very increasing speed I begin to wonder if it is all leading up to my demise. Bear with me for a moment, we will hear your equally cracked theories when I have had my say.

Have you heard of Solipsism? It is one of those obscure philosophical ideas which almost defies definition.

To my simple way of thinking it suggests that everything out there is a product of my mind. If the tree falls, the question about noise is totally irrelevant because I put it there and I made it fall! (How’s that for a theory?). It gets worse because if you carry solipsism to its logical conclusion, you are also a product of my mind. If you want to be even more confused, just google solipsism but don't say I didn't warn you.

The older you get the more confusing it gets and the faster it goes. Think about it for a moment. When I was five years old a year was a 5th of my life, now a year is an 89th. I was ten years old on the very day the second world war started. Up to the end of that war a third of my life had been lived under war time conditions and it seemed to go on for an eternity. Now when I hear that it’s twenty-five years since such and such a thing happened, I think “Crikey! is it so long ago, it seems like only last year”

I’ve wandered off the subject yet again, something that happens more and more these days. But just suppose there is something in this idea of solipsism. It is as though I am in a well lit world full of familiar and not so familiar people and things. Suddenly the light goes out and everything disappears into blackness.

How does the saying go? “Be afraid. Be very afraid!” It may just be that when my light goes out you will all, quite suddenly, vanish into darkness.

Light off
Go on then! Whilst the light is still on, argue with me!

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