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How the World strikes us

Robbie Burns wrote "O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us" which translated into English means Oh would some power the gift give us, To see ourselves as others see us.
Robbie Burns
I am not sure that most of us would really like to see ourselves as others see us, it might be an unpleasant shock. We all have some sort of mental image of ourselves, I suspect it is mildly flattering. This is proved, again for most of us, when you catch sight of your reflection in a shop window or you are presented with a photograph taken when you are off guard and discover your mental image doesn't really match up to reality.

The other image is not what we look like but the personality. To find out how other see us in this way is easy, just have a heart to heart with a friend and ask them how they see you. Just one snag, it will almost certainly be the end of a perfect friendship!

You always thought you were a brilliant and interesting lecturer. How could anyone see you as a crashing bore? You know you are an excellent photographer, friends an family love pouring over your albums of the latest trip to Majorca. You don't believe anyone has ever groaned and said 'Oh not again!'

I suppose if you receive the adulation of a mass audience it would be easy to believe your own publicity and to continue posing and posturing through life. For some 'stars' things don't change and they remain insufferable egoists. However one such star
saw the light. He was surrounded by supporters, body guards, minders and servants.

One day when playing badminton on his lawn he became troubled by a gusty wind that was ruining the game. It will have to be a bit of a paraphrase but this is what he said."The wind was blowing the shuttlecock all over the place and I was getting more and more frustrated, I turned to one of my entourage and said 'Can't you stop this wind from blowing'. It was at that moment I realised I had lost touch with reality, I had started to think I was special. From then on I started to change".

It's always worth taking a long hard look at yourself, not just appearance but the way you behave as well.


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