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March 2019

Bill & I were nattering the other day about political correctness. We recognise that we are too old to fully understand it and would like to because we really don’t want cause offence by using the wrong names or terminology. However, we do wonder if the people who complain aren’t simply ‘complainers’ and those who had an incorrect label or word used don’t really give a toss.

We used to have actors and actresses which seems fairly straightforward. Actors could play Romeo and actresses played Juliet but now they all seem to be actors.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Apparently “Ladies and Gentlemen” is. not really PC. but For the life of us we can’t see why. As far as we are concerned it isn’t a detailed description, merely a label.

We don’t know but if blackboard and blackmail are unacceptable how about whitewash and whiteboard
Jokes have to be vetted carefully before being used.

A politically incorrect joke would be:
Paddy and Mick are walking down the road, and Paddy’s got a bag of doughnuts in his hand. Paddy says to Mick, “If you can guess how many doughnuts are in my bag, you can have them both.”
We can make it correct if we change the names to Arthur & Bill

Jewish joke usually originate from the Jewish community and are often born out of tragedy, like this one. It might seem irreverent but this type of joke helped Jews cope with reality of their situation using humour, the ultimate stress reducer.
Two hundred years ago in Poland, a town’s Jews were in a panic: a Christian girl had been found murdered, and the Jews were worried they’d be blamed for the crime.
The town’s rabbi called a special meeting to discuss the situation. Just as everyone was sitting down, a Jewish townsman ran into the hall. “I have wonderful news!” he told the gathering. “The murdered girl was Jewish!”

My first job was as a shop assistant, Bill was a car mechanic. Just how accurate the following is, I can’t be sure. It is said to be a genuine research poll.

1. Customer Experience Enhancement Consultant – Shop Assistant
2. Highway Environmental Hygienist – Road Sweeper
3. Front Line Customer Support Facilitator – Call Centre Worker
4. Mass Production Engineer – Factory Worker
5. Media Distribution Officer – Paper Boy
6. Petroleum Transfer Engineer – Petrol Station Assistant
7. Recycling Operative – Bin Man
8. Sanitation Consultant – Toilet Cleaner
9. Transparency Enhancement Facilitator – Window Cleaner
10. Automotive Engineer – Car mechanic

I suppose we are too old to learn new ways - there again Bill says ‘too old’ is an ageist remark and we shouldn’t use it.

No old

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