Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

Whatever you think about politics and politicians, there is no escape. It seems to dominate the newspapers and TV. Perhaps it is due to a lack of real news but it occupies many column inches of the newspapers and hours and hours of broadcast news.

However hard I try I cannot avoid making comparisons with then and now. This is not based on what I read but on what I actually remember. In the main there were two political streams, Left & Right and they were gulfs apart.

The Labour Party nationalised Britain's main industries, including coal, electricity, steel and the railways. There was talk of including insurance, agriculture and banking.

The idea being that any profits generated would benefit the country, rather than a wealthy few. But nationalising industry turned out to be trickier than anyone initially thought. Industries became inefficient and unprofitable because no competition existed to motivate workers to perform better on the job. Nationalisation seems to be off the table, regardless of party - apart perhaps from some extreme left wing groups.

As a casual observer British politics seems to be in dire straits. Left and Right have become very similar and at the same time the two main rival parties seem to devote all their energies in slagging off the opposition rather than getting on with governing the Country. In March 2019 seven socialist MPs left the Labour party but vowed to maintain their opposition to the Conservatives. A few days later, three Conservative politicians resigned from their party and joined the ‘gang of seven’. After decades of opposing one another, do we assume they are now going to be bosom pals and forget past differences?

Finally, I don’t know about you but I am weary of Brexit. I don’t really care what they do - JUST GET ON WITH IT! There are
some who are passionate about it and predict awful consequences if we go one way or another. I have seen eighty or so annual budgets and the soothsayers always have dire predictions. Let me throw in my penn’orth - in few short months it will all be normal and won’t make scrap of difference to your every day life.

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