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(Prince Philips Surrenders his driving licence)
I know I am not a very good a driver. Much of it is to do with finding my way about and having somewhat slower reactions. However, it does mean I am more careful and pay more attention to my surroundings and other traffic. I still drive quite fast but within the speed limits (Mostly !).

I am acutely conscious of younger peoples’ attitudes to older drivers and sometimes worry if their concerns are well founded. I found the following the other day and it cheered me up no end.

In 2018, there were 5.3 million over-70s with full driving licences in Britain.

Old driver

There were 2.8 million aged 17 to 24, according to the (DVLA).

Young Driver

There were 11,245 people involved in road traffic accidents where the driver was over 70 - a rate of two per 1,000 licence holders.

For drivers aged 17 to 24, the rate was more than four times as high, at nine per 1,000. A separate study from the National Travel Survey suggests that over-70s drive an average of 1,000 miles a year more than under-20s.

As for the second thing - I can’t remember what that was !!

Yes it's true, young drivers have quicker reflexes but older drivers have experience on their side. Ability to size up a situation, condition or hazard fall to us oldies from the benefit of many years driving experience.

On a recent trip in outback Australia I got talking with a road train driver, he tells me that his prime mover pulling three trailers has a length of 53.5 meters, that's 175 feet 

Sadly he tells of his many years on the road where people have overtaken him but misjudged the distance, speed and time it takes to pass one of these monsters. Often the attempt have come to grief - mainly from oncoming traffic. Too often, he tells me, it's a younger person.

From my experience overtaking these huge trucks takes skill, judgement, experience and common sense, but lightening quick responses will not compensate for the lack thereof.

(I have read that it can take anything from 20seconds to a full minute!! to overtake a fast moving road train - Arthur)

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