Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

(Written for fun)

It was a dream of a car. The scarlet bodywork gleamed, the hood was down and the upholstery looked to be in near perfect condition. It was as though it was being picked out for him, as a beam of sunlight shone through the glass roof of the car showroom and spotlighted this jewel of a sports car. The boys in the warehouse would be green with envy. It was the sort of car you would never get tired of cleaning and keeping in trim.

Sports  car

He rested his hand on the leather steering wheel and looked at the slight depression in the passenger seat where he could imagine his slim, long legged blond girlfriend sitting alongside him.

The wind was blowing through his hair and the sun sparkled on the sea water thrown up by the wheels as they sped along the sun lit beach, Champagne and smoked salmon sandwiches in the picnic basket in the boot. He rested one hand lightly on the wheel and ran his other hand through his ruffled hair.

“Eric, come and look at this”. The voice broke his reverie and he turned to where his wife and two children were looking at a Ford saloon; with a green stripe down the side.


As he straightened the thin wisp of hair which spread across his head, he heard her say, as if the voice was coming from another world. “It’s ideal. Plenty of room for Mum and the children in the back and enough space for a big supermarket shop in the boot”.

He sighed, turned and gave the response that he had practiced for many years - - -
“Yes Dear”.

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