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How the World strikes us

Now for a crackpot theory. Suppose some of those memories, convictions and attitudes come down through our genes. The fertilised seed carries an astounding amount of information.

One classic is the acorn which contains the blueprint for the mighty oak tree.

Just imagine, within that small egg shaped seed is ALL the information needed to grown a full blown tree.

Presumably it included the plan as to how the branches form and give the oak tree its unique and individual shape.
Oak Tree

The song thrush and the blackbird are very closely related and even the nests they build are very similar. The thrush lines the finished nest with clay as does the blackbird but there is an additional lining of fine grass. The birds aren’t taught this but the information on how to build a nest must come down in some form of memory.

We too must receive these ‘memories’ through our genes. Some are common to all of our species - how to walk upright, how to speak (we don’t teach our children how to speak, we only teach them a language) and other basic functions. But what else may come down through this chain? We call them aptitudes. A child may have an aptitude for languages or music; for engineering or agriculture. At a more basic level perhaps you recognise pieces of classical music without being musically trained. Perhaps you learned them as you grew up and absorbed them into the memory banks as a young child. I have seen it said that we actually hear things whilst in the womb. My thought is that perhaps some memories are in your memory banks when you are born. How could you know whether the music you recognise is absorbed as a baby or young child, or if it was already there when you were born?

Take a look at child prodigies. Is it conceivable that the Young Mozart could be ‘taught’ to write music be the age of four?

By the time he was ten he had written a couple of symphonies and twenty or thirty other pieces. He once wrote “Whence and how they (ideas) come I know not, nor can I force them. Those ideas that please me, I retain in memory”.

And how about this? According to various websites, Adam Kirby has become the youngest member of British Mensa at the age of two. The report goes on “The toddler’s parents Dean, 33, and Kerry-Ann, 31, say they realised their son was different when he’d potty-trained himself after reading a book on the subject aged just one”. I suspect your initial reaction would be like mine “Oh yeah !!”. However, do what I did and go on the internet there is obviously much more than an element of truth in the story.

So perhaps a child is born with things already in the mental computer. More than just the operating system with instructions on how to breath, swallow, blink, stand upright and make sounds. Perhaps that is why some are able to regress under hypnosis and are apparently able to remember previous lives.

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