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How the World strikes us

This is yet another from our friend Bill Riley


It’s Monday and an elderly lady acquaintance of mine came to show me a silver box and wanted an answer to the inevitable question, how much is it worth.

Antiques Roadshow
I immediately thought of my friend Arthur who reckons to know a bit about antiques, so I gave him a call and he said “Describe it to me Bill”. I did my best to describe the shape and the hallmarks, but I’m not much good at either. After a bit of banter where I’m called various names such as gormless and dozy, Arthur suggests that I pop round so he can have proper look at it.

As soon as I’m over the threshold the kettle is on and Doreen (Arthur’s
much better half) is plying me with biscuits and enquiring about family and friends and before you know it we are reminiscing and putting the world to rights.
Tea and Biscuits

In the course of finding out about the box I have a lovely two or three hours with people whose company I enjoy. The thing is, I could have just Googled it and no doubt found a quick answer but, when you do that in pursuit of instant answers, how much of real life are we missing out on? The internet and social media have a lot to answer for.

No doubt you are wondering about the precious box.
Car Boot

It turns out that it is a piece of electroplated crap that you might find at a Car Boots Sale priced at a couple of quid at the most!

However, there is a PS. The elderly lady is a very blunt and forthright Yorkshire lady. When I gave her the news she grunted and then said “Tell your friend he knows nowt. There were only three of these ever made. Queen has one, there’s one in the Victorian and Albert Museum and I have t’other!”

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