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How the World strikes us

Bill Riley sent me an email in which he says “I’ve been thinking about the way we use language in this day and age and thought it might be something you can develop into an article for your blog”. So as you read this, if you like it it’s all down to me and if you don’t like it, it’s all Bill Riley’s fault. 

Bill is mildly irritated by young educated people who, every time they speak, start with ‘So’. Then there are professional TV presenters and celebrities who liberally sprinkle their speech with ‘Sort of', ‘Kind of', ’You know’, ‘Like’, 'Yeah' or even "Like yeah".

Billy Cotton
Also when was th replaced by f? You know the sort of fing when presenters on telly say ‘Free two one’. Billy Cotton used to sing ‘Forty fousand fevvers on a frush’.

Another that is increasingly common is dropping ’t' the t is replaced with a glottal stop. Difficult to write but you must have heard it in such things as ‘getting better’ where all four ’t’s disappear. Try saying 'getting better' something like ge^^ing be^^er..

As an old codger I find Social Media a bit over facing and text speech a bit confusing and also a symptom of the modern tendency to speed everything up, “Why use a word or sentence when you can use two or three letters or even an emoji or an emoticon". (And if you don’t know what they are you are mentally even older than me!) :-) means you are smiling or joking and :-( means you are sad or a bit unhappy. (Take a look at the blog Texting for some other shortcuts)

We are regularly told that we are desperately short of police and that crimes are going unrecorded or ignored. At the same time we have police investigating hate speech even when no crime has been committed. 

Which reminds me of protesters. Often the most vociferous protesters have sweet sod all to do with the supposed victims.


I get the feeling that they are bitterly disappointed because nobody picks on them. They only thing they can do in their lonely, sad lives is to search for someone they see as the oppressed. It’s highly likely that the oppressed either doesn’t even know about it or doesn’t give a toss!

Most of us are frightened to death of saying something that the ‘Politically Correct Watchdogs’ will latch on to. We will share those views with like-minded friends but we like the quiet life so why poke your finger in the hornets nest. You can’t express an opinion that might hurt someone’s feelings, but you can say fuck on the street and on the TV and radio - Bill’s Dad called it Pit language.

We really should start to speak out. No to hurt anyone but simply to express an opinion. I have tried it (Very carefully!) with small groups of people. Try it “What do you think of Brexit?” You are likely to hear something like “I’m fed up to the back teeth with it all, I just wish they’d shut up and get on with it!”. Or what do you think about politicians?” Put your ear muffs on ! “They are all **&++** useless” or “I wouldn’t pay the ***++*%^^** with washers!” 

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