Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

A drabble is a short form of fiction that is exactly 100 words long (not including the title). Their short form can encourage people who’ve never written anything before to just give it a try but writing a coherent story in just 100 words is very challenging. Here are three of my efforts.

They were posh, their names were enough to tell you they were upper class. Tim had only met Clive but had heard all about Amanda. They were coming round for supper. Clive insisted that it should be supper rather than a dinner so Tim had decided on Kakavia,it sounded posh and contained lobster, prawns and scallops. He made it days beforehand so there would be little preparation on the day. He rang Clive at lunchtime, just to remind him. “Looking forward to it” said Clive “We eat almost anything but did I tell you? - Amanda is allergic to seafood”

I could hear your voice in my head but the words fell on the blank page of my mind like Cherry Blossom on a sunlit pavement, formless and without meaning. I could not even bring up a clear picture of how you looked as you said goodbye before you left. Then a swirl of breeze stirred my mind and the words began to take on meaning. Slowly, a clear image of how you looked appeared, as though you walked towards me through a mist. Your voice gradually became clear and the words distinct. “Don’t forget to put out the rubbish”

I looked up from my book and saw that you were gazing at me. Your beautiful brown eyes were hazy with love. Yours is an undemanding, total love which fills my heart. I can always rely on you and am never rejected by you. There is never any argument or conflict between us. The bond seems unbreakable. Rising from my seat, I said your name and you also stood. I said the magic word and you came towards me - body tense and expectant. I smiled and once again your excitement radiated towards me as I repeated the magic word - “WALKIES!”

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