Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

January 2019

It is just about two months since we launched this peculiar little website. It often feels that we are talking to ourselves because, apart from the occasional comment, we have no idea whether anyone is looking at it or not.

Bill says he really doesn't mind because we quite enjoy picking the bones out of our nattering and inflicting them on anyone who will look or listen. We still spend too much time discussing the state of the World. We try to avoid “Things aren’t like they used to be” but can’t help remarking on how things have changed and reflecting some of the things friends and relatives say which they may be apprehensive about saying out loud.

It is a peculiar little website because it is one that you would never find by Googling. All our readers (Sounds like the Sunday Times when you say that) are either friends or friends of friends. So if you have anyone in your list of email names who might be peculiar enough to find it interesting, please pass on the URL if they send their email address to I will add them to our mailing list so they know when new ‘stuff’ is published.

We would love to hear from you if you do look at us and hear your comments and criticisms. (We are not too old to learn - honest)

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