Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

Bill and I were remembering some of the odd names we had come across in our lifetime.

For instance, when she was born there was quite serious debate as to what the baby girl should be called. The Mother wanted to name her first baby Maud after a favourite aunt. Dad wants to call her Hilda in memory of his Grandma.

At the Christening the Vicar asked “What shall I name this child?” Dad leaned forward and said to his wife “Have her Hilda”. The Vicar complied. Avarilda is an unusual but quite pretty girls’ name.

We both knew a Lovely, elderly lady called Iona. She had been born a MacDonald but had married a man called Bentley. At first we wondered why he and she always called her Oona. I suppose it could have been worse, she might have married someone called Skoda.

Then there is the apocryphal story of the Welsh village where the dairyman’s wife who delivered milk and fresh eggs was known as ‘Blodwen the egg’. When she had twins the village automatically renamed her ‘Blodwen the Double Yolker’. Her husband who was born with one arm shorter than the other was always known as ‘Dai the Clock’.

Bill swears he can remember an odd name over a Pub door in a village in Yorkshire. You know the thing “Fred Bloggs - Licensed to sell beer and spirits”.

The name was always quite large with the licensed bit in smaller print. Apparently there wasn’t room to get in the full name of Richard Suppards so they just used the initial of his first name.

When my son was born in the early sixties, swearing was restricted the odd Bloody with todays regularly heard obscenities restricted to the barrack room. Alan Hunt’s son was born in the same maternity home and he regularly gave me a lift home after visiting hours. I can remember his distress when he told me that his gentle, innocent little wife wanted to call their son Michael. “It will be alright if they shorten it to Mick but . . . . .”

Then there was Theresa Green, Ben Dover, Neil Down, Hugh Jampton, Jenny Taylor. Go on, you must have some.

Geoff sent an email about the Biggun family who had a son called Ivor.

Steve reminded me of the book 'A knock at the petty door' By Esther Dunn'

Sue sent me this.
My mother had a very good friend called Emma - she went on to marry a local builder called Percy Royds! My father said she must really love him!

Anon told of a girl who wanted to call her first born 'Gooey' after reading a Mills and Boon book with a handsome hero with that name. When asked to spell it she replied "G U Y"

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