Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

We live alone and so do you! We aren't talking about your house but your head. You really do live alone in there, no one will ever live in there with you.

Unless you are a sheep farmer, all sheep look the same. Most of us would have the greatest difficulty in telling one from another.

However, because you are reading this we have to assume you are human and we, unlike the sheep, are all different. You may find one or two of us that look almost identical but they will have different skills, attitudes, beliefs and ways of thinking. And therein lies a paradox because each and every one of us knows we are of the same species and at the same time assumes he or she is unique but also normal !

We may be aware that we have a tendency to be grumpy, laid back, worry too much or have some other, very minor, quirk but because we are who we are, we think that's normal.

We haven’t quite sorted it out but we think we have a two things to think about (Or with!) A brain and a mind, we also assume they are both in our head.

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