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How the World strikes us

We are used to hearing of young Muslims being radicalised, strapping on suicide vests and blowing themselves and others to pieces. Perhaps you draw comfort from the knowledge that you are a civilised Westerner not susceptible to radicalisation. We are very sorry to tell you that you are no less susceptible than the poor, misguided Asian youth. It may not end in a violent death but throughout our lives we are persuaded to act in ways that others wish us to act. You don't believe me? Well, take a look at these examples and see if the cap fits.

In 2017 something like twenty-billion pounds (Yes, billions not millions) was spent in the UK on advertising. The simple aim is to persuade you (Or brainwash you) into believing that you
must buy a particular product or service. It goes further than that - you must buy something. Before you tell me you are not influenced by advertising, just think about it. First of all would the advertisers spend twenty-billion pounds if it didn't work? Why do you buy that particular brand of Baked beans, soap powder, vacuum cleaner, motor car, mobile phone even toothpaste? Being old we can observe the changes.

It is not a question of thinking things were better in our days but things have changed. Shopping for us is going to buy something we need, be it food, clothing or household goods. Nowadays when we ask the young people in our family "What are doing this weekend?" We are likely to get the answer "Oh! I'm going shopping". It seems shopping has become a pastime. Not going to buy what is needed but rather going to see what you can find to buy. Young people in particular want designer clothes. Shirts, blouses, trousers, trainers, all of them marred (to our simple minds!) by a logo of a crocodile, trilby hat or a black check or tick mark.

We are prepared to concede that the designer shirt at £150 is better in many respects than the one we buy in the local store for £30. But five times better !!??. But we digress - again! The young people who simply have to own designer clothes are not born with an inbuilt need. They are persuaded (brainwashed) into believing that is what they must have. Even though we are aware of what is going on we still get suckered in. Arthur doesn't
need an expensive iPhone or iPad but there they are and what's worse, he starts to believe he could not manage without them.

Comment from my good friend John on King Island:
It's not only that we are brainwashed, but also that we are 'sheep', the current fad with jeans is to buy them with purpose built rips in the knees, and that's so bloody senseless, nearly every 'sheep' under the age of 40 in the western world wears them, next thing you know we'll be getting donations from Ethiopia and Somalia because they'll think we're to poor to clothe ourselves. 
And don't let me get started on 'sheep' fads of the vernacular.
If a new phrase is heard, 'sheep' come out of the woodwork, and repeatedly bleat it out until you feel like unlocking the shotgun.

The latest fad is starting the response to a question with 'so' or for instance: "Morning, nice day!" "
So, it was a nice day until ....."
Or this: "The firemen fighting the fires in King Island", the sheep will all now say -  "The firemen fighting the fires
'in terms of' King Island'

Or "He's a great minister
'in terms of' his portfolio,' So 'sheep' everywhere are now saying so 'in terms' of stupidity!

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