Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

Bill and I were talking about technology (As you do!) and we got on to texting.

Neither of us use it much and when we do it’s a question of pecking away with one finger and texting as though we are sending a letter. You know the thing
‘Dear Fred, Hope everything is OK. I was wondering if you would like to . . . . ‘ and so on.

We watch the youngsters using two thumbs at dizzying speed on their iPhones and using shorthand or text speak so that what would take us two A4 pages, they compress into two lines.

We don’t understand many of the abbreviations although there does appear to be some bad language in there. For instance WTF, STFU and simple straightforward PO, often with an exclamation mark.

By coincidence, only this morning Big Trev sent me some Text Speak for seniors.

Just think what would have happened if we had used texting two thousand years ago!

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