Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

Happy New Year to you both. I’m very sincere when I say that but worry that we all repeat these words mantra-like at each yearly increment, which I still find baffling to some extent.

When the milometer in the car clocks up another thousand miles I don’t stop the car and congratulate it or offer it my best wishes for the next thousand miles. Perhaps it’s just me that doesn’t and maybe everyone else does - it’s not really a question I’ve ever asked anyone!

I’ve a feeling that the SAD condition is a deep psychological issue and is as a complex result of many things including the Christmas/New Year period. Any slight imbalance of body chemistry that may be caused by a lack of sunshine can surely be compensated for with prescription drugs or plain vitamins so, if it’s more serious than that, it’s likely to be a psychological issue.

As human beings we all have hopes and desires and we also reflect on the past as well as wonder about the future. When we do any of these things, it happens at times that suit us as individuals rather than a forced objective at the end of each year.

Having suffered from anxiety, it’s easy to see how the ‘pressure’ of Christmas and the hopes for a ‘new improved me’ in the New Year can cause a withdrawal into a blackness accentuated by the cold dark days of winter.

Our animal instincts are very good at re-enforcing behaviour to the extent that it becomes difficult to change that behavioural pattern; in fact it becomes a feedback loop that amplifies the effect to the extent that it then becomes a real problem for our wellbeing.

At the risk of sounding like an old hippy, I think if we spent more time synchronising with nature and the seasons, we wouldn’t see any particular one worse than the other. We seem to spend more time isolating ourselves from the winter months, overdoing the central heating and convincing ourselves that winter is a bad, bad thing and that we should suffer it and try to ride it out until the first crocuses appear.

I may have to go and dance around Stonehenge naked at next year’s winter solstice…..