Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

We have messed about with computers for many years and come to the conclusion that the brain is like the computer's Operating System which is created by the

manufacturer. It may evolve over the years but basically the OS gets on with the job without any input from the user.

Surgeons and neurologists can measure brain activity and even cut out bits which are causing trouble. On the other hand the medical profession isn’t able to operate on the mind. Psychologists may treat a patient with medication and the psychiatrist will try to offer solutions based on in depth discussions but the mind doesn’t seem to have a physical presence.

Continuing with the computer analogy, perhaps the mind is equivalent to the software we use in our computer. It is the stuff we learn; the huge database we carry in our heads; the languages; the skills; ideas planted by others - parents, teachers, priests, peers. Some benign some plain, straightforward brainwashing.

The problem is, we have no real knowledge of what it is like to be the man or woman we see in the supermarket or on the train, we only know what it's like to live in our body and with our mind and brain. For instance perhaps thoughts pour through your head in a constant stream and your head never seems to be empty, is that normal? Looking on the internet we found this "In the course of the day, a person is said to average between twelve and seventy-thousand thoughts" So perhaps it is normal. You dream every night, doesn't everyone? You
know there is a life hereafter, how can anyone not believe that?

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