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This is something sent to me by another Bill. If our blog was run by a club or society, this new Bill would certainly be a member. He is a very good friend and is also, like us, as nutty as a fruit cake!

I’ve always been fascinated by colour and I know it has a profound affect on my mood. Living in a Lancashire valley, the palette of colours is quite drab and muted especially in the winter. Come the spring and through to autumn things are a bit better and colours are brighter.

I have been going abroad in spring and autumn for twenty-five years which seems to help. I’m convinced It’s not just the blue skies and sunshine that lifts my mood, but the quality of light and the vivid colours all around.
People are actually diagnosed with SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder.The nature and severity of SAD varies from person to person.

Some people just find the condition a bit irritating, while for others it can be severe and have a significant impact on their day-to-day life. For me even gazing at a Christmas tree lights will cheer me up, how SAD is that!

Another thought about colour. I wonder if everyone sees colours the way I do?. For instance I know what orange looks like for me but I have absolutely no way of seeing orange through your eyes. With the many differences between people I have difficulty believing we all perceive colour in the same way.
Although most of us would agree that red is the colour of cherries and stop signs, scientists now think that one person's red could sometimes be another person's blue. The scientists' research has led them to believe that new techniques might one day allow colour-blind people to see colours again.

One thing is certain - we are all a bit odd!

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