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How the World strikes us

We started to write a new blog the other day when Bill said "Hang on! Haven't we done something like this before?". After a search we decided that the new blog was too similar to something we had done in the past so it was abandoned.

Not surprising really when you see we have done over 170 blogs since we started in November 2018. The original idea was to look at other points of view and question hard set attitudes and opinions. I am sure we have often strayed away from the original idea but the idea is, in our opinion, still valid.
However, it is in some ways a paradox. Without our beliefs and the lessons we have learned, either from those 'Who know' or from the experience of life, we have no foundation or platform on which to live our lives. Yet we need to be sufficiently open minded to recognise there are other beliefs and points of view.

For us the problems start when we hear "I know I'm right!". That's the end of any discussion, if 'they' are so right, you must be wrong.

It's fine to live and work on the principle of "I think I'm right!" providing you are open minded enough to say "If so many people think differently, perhaps I should at least take a look at what they are saying"

Politics is the classic. No matter where you look, there is something approaching a fifty/fifty split. The recent US Presidential election was 51.4% for Biden, 46.9% for Trump. Donald Trump insists he was robbed and the
election was rigged. He knows he is right and seems prepared to encourage his supporters to start something approaching a civil war.

OK there are landslide victories but at least in Western politics it eventually settles down to something near half thinking one way and half thinking the other. That's when "I know I'm right!" rears its ugly head. If I
know I am right, all the others must be wrong and should be made to think my way. Very soon we shall hate the others and treat them as some sort of sub-human that should be eliminated.
Talk about Weather

If you think that is overstating the case take a look at the vitriol that spills out between Labour & Tory supporters in the UK. Think about it! Since 1950 we have been largely governed by either Labour or Tories. We may not have liked one or the other but life went on. We got married, had children, went on holiday, bought a new car, dined out, felt hard up, got rich, criticised the other lot but by and large it didn't make an awful lot of difference. Still, it gives us something to talk about other than the weather, football or what's happening in East Enders.

Yesterday was Inauguration day in USA. As far as I can see there was virtually no unrest and few if any protesters. To me it is inconceivable that the masses of Trump supporters decided individually to at least postpone their activities. Surely the message must have come from the leader of the 'movement'. I wonder who that could have been?

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