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How the World strikes us

Obviously if it's as simple as choosing which starter to have or whether you should have tea or coffee, you have to 'Make your mind up' but we started to think about making up your mind. For us it suggests putting your decisions in a mental box, closing the lid and turning the key in the lock. There that's done now we can get on.
Tory or Labour

The snag is we make our minds up about big things and often our minds are very largely made up by others. The others will include your parents, influential teachers, lecturers, people you admire and respect, friends and - perish the thought - television stars.

Just consider some of the things on which you have "Made up your mind". A nice easy one is politics. The UK voting population is fairly easily split into two. What is quite remarkable is that it is roughly 50/50. Fifty percent Socialist and fifty percent Conservative. According to the Internet there are over 300 politics parties registered in the UK but don't let's split hairs.

I always find it interesting to speculate why people are left or right wing oriented. The very wealthy actor living an opulent lifestyle and busy conserving his wealth whilst boasting of being a Socialist. Conversely the Tory grandee recounting stories of his working class background to show how much he is in touch with the common man.

I suspect a very high proportion of us follow in fathers footsteps as far as politics are concerned. A few people do flip from right to left and vice versa but for many, only if it will improve their personal situation.

So why open your safely locked, barred and bolted mental boxes?

Just to see what's really in there!


Oh! By the way Happy New Year

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