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We haven't done a blog on Common Sense - at least not as far as I can remember! However my very good
Common cents
friend Alan sent us a comment. It doesn't really fit at the bottom of any previous blog but it resonated with us so we wrote a quick blog so we can add his comment at the end of the page.

The very phrase 'Common Sense' is a strange one because we don't really see 'Sense' as being very
Middle aged
'Common'. Just take a wander round the Internet and see the various protest groups and conspiracy theories. Those who think that by pulling down a statue or changing the name of a street or
University college, they can change history. No matter how wrong or misguided our forebears were - it happened and cannot be undone.

It also seems unlikely, to say the least, that as they (Whoever 'They' may be) inject us with the Coronavirus vaccine they insert a micro chip so they can trace our very movement. Anyway, we leave these thoughts with you and here is what Alan had to say:

"I sometimes think the Prime Minister is on a loser. Whatever he chooses to do, someone somewhere is going to be against it. He is trying to ride that impossible fine line between health and commerce, how can anyone balance that out?

It’s all too easy to be clever with hindsight. I sometimes wonder what a very decisive Prime Minister would have done in this situation. I think Margaret Thatcher would have decided on a course of
action and then followed it through regardless. Of course it would have not gone down well with various factions but nobody would be able to say that she 'dilly dallied' but then people didn’t seem to like or agree with her.

One other thought, what happened to common sense. Why don't people realise that they are masters of their own destiny. We cannot keep blaming others for our own actions. It’s no good going 'Out on the town' just before an announced lockdown then blaming someone else for the consequences because 'they' let us do it up to the lockdown.

I'm no a wordsmith, I just despair of peoples' stupidity and lack of common sense".

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