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How the World strikes us

Bah Humbug!
Obviously a 'jokey' photograph taken by someone in my family but there must be an element of seriousness there for them to have bought me a jumper (Which I am forced to wear - but only once a year!).

So what have I done to earn this Scrooge like reputation? I quite like Christmas, much of it I enjoy but I regret that it has been so commercialised. What's worse we have been radicalised into thinking that it is a time for excesses and giving costly presents to all and sundry.

Years ago I remember receiving a gift from an unemployed (from choice!) fellow Samaritan who, long before it was fashionable, wore jeans that seemed to have more holes that material. He hand-made for me a card on which he had carefully placed dried leaves around a personal Christmas message. Amongst the bottles of wine and other things I
received, that was the one thing that stuck on my memory (Yes, it was you!).

I once read that a gift should be something the recipient would really like but would not buy for themselves, chosen for that individual rather than just a 'something'. Can you think of someone for whom you would buy these?

This is a genuine advertisement I discovered on the internet. The jeans are described as 'UP CYCLED PATCHWORK DENIM JEANS' What the hell does 'up cycled' mean? Could it mean the same as when I was a small boy I was handed down my sister's clogs? Can't be, because that reduced me to childish tears at having to wear girls' clogs when I went to school (Ahhhhh!).
I won't tell you the name of the firm in case you are tempted to buy a pair of

They are the sort of thing that make me say 'Bah Humbug! And although I am not very religious I suppose it's what makes me quote Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol when I am with the family or a group of friends

"God bless us, every one cried Tiny Tim"

Tiny Tim
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