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How the World strikes us

I read the Daily Telegraph. All you Guardian and Mirror readers can switch off if you wish but this has nothing to do with politics.

In the lead up to Christmas, several firms have full page, colour
advertisements on prime pages (Such as back page or inside front page). They must spend a fortune on advertising as I am sure the Telegraph isn't their only means of promoting their products.

One that appears almost every day is for Chanel No.5.

A bottle containing 15 ml of perfume (That's 2 ½ teaspoons) costs
£160. According to my fallible maths that's about £64 a spoon full. The advert costs £68,000 for each full page so they must be a very wealthy firm.

But hang on, just let's sit on a meeting of the board. They are working out
Board Meeting
the cost of the product. Box 5p. Bottle 10p. Perfume £1 (That's me guessing but let's suppose I am a mile out and instead of £1.15 it adds up to £10.

We have also missed one other cost - advertising. I can't begin to work out how much that adds to each bottle but it doesn't really matter, they can afford it but (another 'Hang on') if advertising is added to the product cost, you, the consumer, are paying maybe £10 for the bottle, box and contents and £130 to cover advertising and profit.!

We are in the wrong business

Comment from William
I once went to a perfume factory in the South of France, and as usual ended up in the factory shop. There was an extremely beautiful young woman demonstrating different fragrances for men. After some time trying to choose, I said that I couldn’t make my mind up. She looked directly into my eyes and said "If you were my boyfriend I would choose this one". Without hesitation I said "I'll have it! What a twerp!

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