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How the World strikes us

I suppose this blog could be construed as racist but we are merely trying to put into context the things we have observed.

Television advertising is obviously designed to sell stuff. From motor cars to indigestion tablets, from food to designer clothes. Equally obvious is the desire
grandma with baby
to target those most likely to be 'caught' by the advert. The actors featured will represent the target group, treatment for nappy rash will show young mothers and babies, it is unlikely you will see grandmas and grandads.

We have never been involved with advertising agencies but we guess the adverts will be planned very carefully. Location, words, music and lettering. Actors will be chosen who mirror the section of the target TV audience.

We don't have any statistics but if you watch TV advertising, the number of non-
Watching TV
white people who are depicted in TV adverts is perhaps an indication that white people are heading towards being the minority group. Without being too analytical, just note the number of adverts which include non-whites.

When we started this website, way back in November 2018, it was to encourage questions. Not just to believe everything we have been told; not to accept ideas, attitudes and concepts but to take another look. We may stay where we are and be quite happy, on the other hand we might just see things from a different perspective.

Are the TV adverts we see a reflection of trends in population numbers or is it to do with the current fixation with racism and anti racism campaigns? The non-
Anti Racism
white population in the UK is 9 million which adds up to about 14% which, when applied to TV audiences, must mean that about 86% of the people watching are white. Why are the advertising agents choosing black actors? Are they afraid of criticism if they stick with white stereotypes or are they being swept along with the pro black campaigns with which we seem to be bombarded?

Old Man Placard

I have just realised I belong to a real minority group - a mere 600 thousand in the UK as against nine million non-whites. I might start a protest group "Up the over 90s!"

Do you have answers to our questions or are we simply stirring up mud in already murky waters?

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