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These images are of a refugee camp in Syria. Little or no sanitation, the chances of clean water are small, no privacy, burning rubbish on open fire (If you are lucky), no shoes, no health care apart from charities, little or no education, whatever food you can beg borrow or steal. Is it any wonder they want to escape this misery and move to where the living is easy and where the state will take care of them.

However, there are an estimated twenty-six million refugees: people who have had to travel to a new country to find safety. How does that make you feel? Horrified, indifferent, determined to do something, "Leave them to sort out the political problems in their own country" or should we break down national boundaries and allow them to move to wherever they wish?

If you are a 'Snowflake' (Look it up) you will weep and complain that the media shouldn't publish such images to cause you distress. Or, being a caring individual, you might decide you should do
something. It's Children in Need very shortly so you can send a fiver or even fifty quid. That will salve your conscience, you will have done something and can get back to the more immediate problems like Brexit.

Reugees Welsome or n ot

Alternatively, you could join a protest group. That would be good. A trip to London and meeting up with old friends from 'Anti Fracking', 'Gay rights' and a couple of others you took part in. There's bound to be a party at the end.

Now let's look at our own situation. We would all recognise the images below as a rather posh idea for a British Housing estate and a group of British school children. Then there are all the things we can't see but take for granted. Running water, sewage systems, central heating, dry roof, waste collection, policing, universal health care. The children wear shoes, clean dry clothing and in spite of parents complaining of being hard up and having to use food banks, they are mostly well fed.


Imagine you have to make the big decisions for Britain. First of all, how many immigrants do you take? Do you carefully select the ones you want or do you take all comers? How are you going to deal with people who have little or no money and only the very basic of possessions, poor education; different attitudes, manners and beliefs that are different to ours. They don't speak English and have little understanding of our way of life.

Will you accept a large group into your particular area? Remember they have nothing, totally different attitudes to you, only a smattering of English, may not be law abiding and see the 'wealth' around them as rich pickings. Perhaps we should just be thankful that we don't have to sort it out and go back to watching Coronation Street.

If you haven't looked up 'Snowflake'
you won't understand the next image!


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