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(Or at least the bits we don't like)
We keep coming across words or phrases that are a mystery to us.
Cancel Culture

One such is 'Cancel Culture'. This seems to be a desire to cancel out a person or community from social media platforms. We found this on the internet:

"It is characterised by the response of an evil individual when they are shown to be wrong. They will call on their followers to report the social media accounts of the person or group that did the criticising rather than discussing the criticism or showing by evidence where the criticism is incorrect. Narcissists make up the majority of the people who engage in cancel culture, and others who do this would include immature individuals"

I don't know if this is relevant but it seems to fit with this modern idea of trying to undo history (All we can say is 'Fat chance!)."Gone with the Wind" is a famous movie made in 1939 and set in the 1860s it has recently come in for heavy criticism for it's depiction of black people and slavery but how about this?

In the wake of the controversy that ensued from HBO Max pulling “Gone With the Wind” from its streaming service, other outlets have all cashed in.
The 1939 classic
Gone with the wind
shot to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list, fact demand was high enough that the Civil War-era film appears to have sold out in every format.

The run of sales is surprising given that HBO Max has said it will restore the film to its service as originally created but with “a discussion of its historical context”. In addition, the film remains available to purchase or rent digitally on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, Amazon VOD, Fandango Now, Redbox, Microsoft Store, DirecTV and AMC Theaters on Demand.

Just a thought - are all these buyers of Gone With the Wind part of the Silent Majority? Should we try the Cancel Culture on them? Or even have a go at Amazon!
The film has long come under fire for effectively ignoring the horrors of slavery and romanticising the suffering of its famously unsympathetic heroine Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh). Even so, AFI ranks “Gone With the Wind” as the fourth best film ever made on its 100 Best Movies of All Time list.

Amazon ban

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