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How the World strikes us

"He was 'One of the Many', a Battle of Britain Pilot who refused to talk of his time as a Spitfire pilot. At the age of nineteen he had been posted to a Spitfire squadron in the South of England. Unlike many of his fellow pilots he never fell in love with the Spitfire, As he taxied to take off the long nose of the aeroplane blocked his view of the airfield ahead and he always felt apprehensive when faced with the enemy.

The crunch came when they were sent up to intercept enemy bombers over the South coast. There was a clear blue sky with not a sign of planes other than his fellow pilots. The first sign of the German fighters was the rasp of machine guns and the feeling of bullets banging into the armour plating at the back of his seat.

He heard himself scream as his arms jerked and the plane went into an uncontrolled dive. Within seconds he realised he had not been injured and he could still control the Spitfire. He desperately scanned the skies but could see neither friend or foe. He quickly headed for the coast and what he hoped would be home and safety. His entire body was shaking, he realised he had wet himself, and was gasping for air like a drowning man.

Somehow he made it home, landed, switched off his engine and virtually fell into the arms of the ground crew. Unable to speak or even stand, he was bundled into an ambulance. It was decided he had had a complete breakdown but rather being treated as a sick man, he was charged with L.M.F. (Lacking Moral Fibre) and he was stripped of the pilots wings worn on his tunic, and his sergeant stripes. He was sent to the Airman’s Mess and made to peel potatoes. He was simply 'One of the Many' fliers in the RAF who couldn't cope with flying against the enemy."

I am no author but that is a piece of pure fiction that I dreamed up. When the airman was flying I was twelve years old. It simply illustrates the human ability to create a story which can range from a great novel, an embellished memory or tale devised to cheat or defraud.

Rabbits, foxes, lions, tigers, monkeys and chimpanzees are able to pass on warnings and perhaps simple instructions to their young but we know they are unable to fabricate tales for whatever reason.

'Making things up' is very much the domain of us humans. Ranging from the works of Shakespeare to the standup comedians jokes and even more significantly, concepts and theories.

I don't begin to understand it but Einstein's theory of relativity is a case in point. Everything to do with the world we live in but
nothing to do with the things which surround us. I hope that's not too simplistic a view but I am sure you know what I mean.

Take a look at movies, novels and TV. We seem to thrive on events that are outside our life experience. Often, we build such things into our day-to-day existence. You must have friends who regale you with stories which, whilst they have a basis in what has happened, are re-told with greater dramatic impact. The two pound trout grows in weight each time the tale is told, the minor family drama turns into something that might have come from a popular soap opera.
Coronation street

Often these stories are absorbed into our lives and become part of us. This also applies to 'fictions' we acquire. The Raelian Movement was founded by Frenchman Claude Vorilhon in 1973, the religion came about after his apparent encounter with an extra-terrestrial being. The alien gave Vorilhon the name Rael, The Raelian movement advocates love and everything from sexual liberation for women (female public toplessness is one such campaign). More than 80 celebrities have been appointed honorary Raelians ‘guides’, including Playboy founder and Michael Jackson for his pro-peace and anti-racism songs. Followers reportedly number more than 70,000 worldwide
Prince Philip
There are others such as The Prince Philip Movement on the Island of Vanuatu.

Villagers of Chotila in Rajasthan have erected a shrine for a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cc motorcycle.

Aghori is a Hindu faith believed to have split off from the Kapalika order in the 14th century, followers carry a kapala – a cup made from a human skull – and reportedly use human bones from graveyards for rituals. Bizarre practices include eating rotten food and reportedly also human flesh in order to achieve the highest citadel of enlightenment. 

And last but not least, there is Iglesia Maradoniana. A retired Argentinian sports star as a
divine being? Why not? Otherwise known as the Maradonian Church, it was formed by football legend Diego Maradona’s fans on October 3, 1998 in the city of Rosario.The symbol for the church is D10S, which combines the Spanish words for God, Dios, and the shirt number of Maradona, 10. It has its own commandments and prayers, and claims it has 100,000 members from more than 60 countries.

Nutty as fruitcakes? How about you, do you have 'fictions' in your life?

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