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You are probably too old to look for a new career but you might have to
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advise a youngster. After all you have years of wisdom and have the answers for how to get rich without doing too much.

So what are you going to advise as a career? Brain surgeon, professional footballer, solicitor or engine driver. Like many of us, you probably wouldn't suggest they follow you into your job.

School teacher wouldn't be bad with a salary of £30,000 to £40,000. Or work for the local council emptying bins and earn about £25,000 plus a lump of overtime.

Deciding on a career can be a worry, especially if your academic qualifications are not very high. We think we have the solution. No qualifications required and an annual income of as much as £250,000.

"Oh yeah! And I suppose I would end up in prison?". No,
legally, you won't be doing anything wrong. Look and listen to the men and women you would be working alongside. They are a very ordinary bunch from every sort of background. The 'Gift of the gab' would help but you will have a team of helpers to tell you that you have to say.

First step is to become a local councillor. It's not a bad job - voluntary of course and without a salary but get on one or two committees where you get an
Council  meeting
allowance. Keep an eye on the 'Chair' he or she will give you a clear insight in how to stay important.

Start out as an Independent so when you move up the political ladder you only have to step across to the political party most likely to get into power but take care, it really depends on how the media portrays the parties. You won't be wealthy as a County Councillor but it's not bad. The leader of Norfolk County Council had just short of £40k in 2019 and one Lancashire County Councillor received slightly more than that.

Keep yourself in the public eye and you could become an MP. An MP has a basic salary of £81,932. They also are allowed to claim expenses. Jamie Stone Scottish
Expenses 1
Lib Dem MP, claimed £199,968 in 2018-2019. His expenses broke down into: £19,333; Office, £132,520; Staff, £21,115; Accommodation and travel £27,000. It strikes the cynical me as better than working for a living.

I'll leave you to explore pensions and payment for advice from commercial organisations. I'm sure there must be lots of other little honey pots just waiting to be explored.

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