Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

When I say 'Our Website' I refer to this so called blog. It really is the most ridiculous thing, two geriatrics who left school when they were fourteen having the nerve to suppose that others will be interested in their ramblings, and let's face it that's what they are. I keep thinking we should pack it in but it keeps us occupied and the occasional message like this from Geoff tells us that at least one person looks at 'em !!

"In my opinion it would be a shame if the blog closed down. I have enjoyed this view of the world. although I do appreciate how hard it must be to continually keep it going".

Bill and I used to have another website If
Black Bee
anyone, anywhere in the World with an interest in beekeeping put a word or short phrase to do with black bees or even more general topics to do with beekeeping into the Google search engine they stood a good chance of ending up on our site. I can't quite remember but I seem to think we regularly had several thousand 'hits' a month. Don't bother looking it up now it was dropped several years ago.

This blog is different. We have exactly twenty-seven people who sub
Secret Web site
scribe to our mailing list which means they get an email whenever a new blog is published. We have no idea if anyone outside this list looks at the site but I think they will be very few. I can't imagine what anyone would type into Google to find us listed amongst relevant web sites.

It doesn't really matter, we occasionally get a message or a comment from one of our 'followers' (Sounds like a religious movement when you say that!) and we quite enjoy writing about and unloading our crackpot ideas.

We have perhaps become even more 'Grumpy Old Men'. Looking back over
some of the earlier blogs there did seem to be a bit more humour. The snag is, you can't really force a smile or it turns into a grimace. Nevertheless we will carry on and TRY to keep things interesting and occasionally amusing as well as remembering our original idea which was to suggest the idea of questioning everything and to accept that others may have a different points of view to our own.


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