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How the World strikes us


I keep thinking we will abandon the Blog, it feels as though it has run its course, however, whilst I am thinking about it, here is yet another attempt.

We all have opinions which more often than not we keep to ourselves. We used to have freedom of speech where, providing you didn't slander someone or blaspheme you could share your thoughts openly. Mind you, in those days

'openly' meant with earshot of others. I suppose it all changed with the internet and social media. Take Twitter for instance. Not that I use it but the very name seems to sum it all up. People twitter about all sorts of inanities, ideas, thoughts and in most cases trivia. I really don't want to know what you had for your breakfast, or which TV programme you watched last night. The real problem arises when you share your prejudices or opinions on the state of the world, especially if you are what's known as a celebrity.

We regularly see where someone, perhaps the star of 'Strictly Come Cake Decorating', has said on social media what is seen as the wrong thing. It may have been done light heartedly or without any malice but the 'Dogs of Twitter' are let loose. The newspapers
Cake Decorators
and TV now leap on it. The poor star of whatever is hounded and forced to make an abject apology. Within hours other famous people, or those that make a hobby out of protesting, leap onto Instagram,YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat and others I know nothing about, to share their erudite and angry opposing opinions.

If enough people twitter, it might turn into a protest. I am sure there is a section of the community looking for the opportunity to flock together like angry sheep holding up
badly written cardboard placards and, in some cases breaking windows, damaging cars, throw things at policemen and generally being a bloody nuisance.

I have come to the conclusion that even as a very ordinary 'non-clebrity' it's safer not to have any opinions. In fact if I did have any, I have abandoned them. I am so glad otherwise I would have to try to discover what the hell TikTok is.

You can pull down all the statues or leave 'em all standing. Let's be truly democratic and let the people decide -
or not as the case may be. I used to think it was wrong to try and eradicate history, now I don't even think about it.

Politicians aren't self seeking muppets they are simply politicians. Margaret Thatcher is reputed to have said
"Politicians are like babies nappies, they need to be changed
Nappy Dad
regularly and for the same reason". Some people claim it is not true. Me? I don't know (Or care) one way or the other.

Racism, left wing or right, women rights, teaching toddlers they can decide on their gender, suffragettes (Am I too late for them?), Donald Trump for president, free TV licences for the over 75s (I'll think about that one), cars should be petrol, electric or we should walk, animal rights for fish, dog poo, paying wind farms to turn off when there is sufficient electricity. I used to worry about at least some of these things - now I don't give a (Can't think of the word, might have something to do with nappies!).


Comment from Steve
Having an opinion on something was once something transient or fleeting; a collection of views on local or world matters and certainly nothing to raise the blood pressure.

Today, if you have an opinion it would appear that you have to be vocal about it and become annoyed and even argumentative with anyone that doesn’t share your opinion.

This may evolve from the fact that instead of sharing our opinions with real people ‘down the pub’ or with friends and family, we are dogmatically protective of opinions because we feel that they are being threatened by social change.

As we age, our opinions become worthless and unimportant because they are often so much adrift from modern opinions which nearly always seem barmy.

In our heyday, did our opinions seem unfathomable to previous generations or has social change happened exponentially over the last 100 years?

There’s one thing for certain, I find myself thinking “I’d better keep my opinion to myself” more often than ever before!!

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