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THE BATTLE OF - - - - -
I have just read this book and it is a real eye opener.
Jonathan Dimb Book

It boils down to the story of the war between German U-boats and the need for the UK to import food, oil, munitions and all the other things that would allow us to fight a war and for our people to survive. However, as you read it becomes apparent that the real battle was not us against the German but our leaders, one against the another.

Those in charge of the RAF persuaded the UK to rain bombs down on Germany in order to break the spirit of the German people and bring the
Hamburg WW2
war to an end. This in spite of having seen how the British people, battered and bruised though they were in the blitz, remained undefeated.

For years the U-boats ruled the Atlantic They sank nearly 4,000 ships and killed over 70,000 sailors and seamen. The most successful year was 1942 when over 6 million tons of shipping were sunk in the Atlantic.

The Admiralty pleaded for long range bombers to help tackle the U-boats but to no avail. The Royal Air Force demanded that the aircraft were needed for the bombing of German cities.It wasn't until the battle between our Military, Naval
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and Air Force leaders was partially resolved and long range aircraft and aircraft carriers were used that the U-boats were defeated.

That may be an over simplification but the facts and figures seem to prove the point. In the end the Germans withdrew the submarine fleet from the Atlantic and supplies for the second front poured in from the USA with very few losses. My reading of The Battle of the Atlantic is that the war could have been shortened by many months if we had been able to work together without trying to be top dog and believing that my way was not only the best but the only way.

The sad thing is, in spite of these hard facts and irrefutable arguments, our leaders are still at it. Left against Right, expert against expert and everyone demanding money for their particular group instead of giving their full attention to the threat facing us.

Anyone who has kept chicken will know that within the brood there is a pecking order. At the top is one particular hen. May not be the biggest, prettiest or most prolific egg layer but it will
Top Chicken
have some strange ascendency over the others. If we take a look at a group of politicians or World leaders there are apparent similarities. There will be one in each ' brood' who may peck sharper than the others, 'cluck' more clearly, sit at the top of the midden and hold the trump cards (Pun intended). We who sit outside watching what goes on will often be equally bewildered as to how the 'Midden topper' was chosen and staggered by their behaviour as they sit their crowing. (I know, cocks 'crow' whilst chickens 'cluck' but you get the message).

I doubt if I will survive that long but it will be interesting to read 'THE BATTLE AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS' If there is anyone left to write it, let alone read it.

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