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Bill recently told me about being apprenticed to an engineer in the late 1930s and doing repair work
in a local cotton mill. The mill was built in the late 19th century, a few years before the brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, made the first controlled flight of an aircraft in the USA in1903.

Bill says "The workers lavatories were built on an outside wall and had no roofs, probably to stop workers spending time in there. Mill managers used to check to see how many times workers went
Graffiti Mill
to the lavatory and if they went too often their wages could be docked" Bill remembers graffiti on the whitewashed walls"

I started looking for other examples of lavatorial graffiti (Well, what else can you do in a 'Lock down') and found this. I can assure you it wasn't written by either Bill or me even though it sums up what we were suggesting in our blog.
Graffiti Question

The 'why' that has been added to the original graffiti is even more pertinent. It doesn't suggest that your firmly held views are wrong, simply that it is a really worth while exercise to look at them and to examine with an open mind other points of view.

Take your circle of acquaintances, you will find there are some with whom you can have a serious and thoughtful conversation, even though their political or religious views are poles apart from yours and you accept one another for what you are. Others seem to have closed minds. They
know they are 'right' and are, sadly, unable to see any other point of view. They remain as your friends but tend to drift to the edge of your circle.
Sitting on the fence
People are often criticised for sitting on the fence, the inference being they can't make up their mind. However, there is another interpretation. Sitting up there gives you the opportunity to see the alternatives. You can look down into the cosy, comfortable, familiar place where you really don't have to think. You have always known this place as right (or left as the case may be?!!) with no doubts or uncertainties. Or you can look down and see what's at the other side of the fence. It may not seem comfortable, with ideas and concepts which don't sit easily with what you have lived with up to now but surely it is worth a look, or are you absolutely certain that anyone who has a different view of things to you is absolutely wrong?

Comment from John (Tongue in cheek - I hope)
I'm absolutely certain that anyone who has a different view of things
to me is
absolutely wrong?
Because if anyone agrees with my point of view they must be
absolutely right
because I've never been wrong.
Oh yes!, I was wrong once but have since discovered
I was
absolutely wrong about that....

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