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How the World strikes us

"During the pandemic, over 50 million people died worldwide and a quarter of the British population were affected. The death toll was 228,000 in Britain alone."

No, we haven't got a touch of the Nostradamus, just the opposite. The figures above are about the Spanish flu pandemic at the end of the First World War.
Spanish Flu3t

Spanish flu was different to the Corona virus. Young adults rather than the elderly were particularly affected and the disease struck and progressed quickly. Onset was devastatingly quick. Those fine and healthy at breakfast could be dead by tea-time.

Within hours of feeling the first symptoms of fatigue, fever and headache, some victims would rapidly develop pneumonia and start turning blue, signalling a shortage of oxygen. They would then struggle for air until they suffocated to death. Doctors and nurses worked to breaking point, although there was little they could do as there was no treatment for the flu.

Spanish Flu 4

There were many of the social effects that we are seeing but for a few, life went on as normal - again a bit like now.

“I had a little bird
its name was Enza
I opened the window,
And in-flu-enza.”

(1918 children’s playground rhyme)

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