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How the World strikes us

Being well and truly retired, my mornings have developed into a well set routine. First thing, after the normal ablutions, I take the newspaper from the letter box and scan the front page
Victoria Derbyshire
headlines. Then I open the computer, read my emails and look online at the BBC news. Whilst we have breakfast we watch BBC News on TV which lasts for about half an hour or so. We probably see it twice through. During the day I skim through the daily newspaper, see more TV news bulletins and, consequently, know what is happening in the World by the minute.

I did start to try counting the number of computer and TV monitors in this picture of the BBC news room but I got so confused I gave up. But how many thousands of people (and millions of pounds) are involved in gathering and presenting the news to satisfy what seems like an insatiable hunger for stories of death and destruction.

BBC Newsroom

I have to admit that in spite of watching it I become totally fed up with it. The often used term 'Media Frenzy' comes to mind. In recent times we had Brexit for about three years. Day after day, not so much news but opinions from everybody and his dog. I could just about cope with opinions from people who knew something about it but to drag Joe or Josephine Soap into the studio to tell us what they thought, almost took me to breaking point. It doesn't take a genius to know that when (No longer 'if') we leave the EU some groups and individuals are going to be worse off. After seeing annual UK budgets for the last umpteen years I know that every year it is a catalogue of doom and financial ruin which is totally forgotten in a matter of weeks

We then had fires in Australia. The inference was that there was no hope and the entire country was going to go up in flames, then it disappeared from the headlines because it rained as it must have done for eons, long before the white man arrived.
Then there were floods in the UK with pages of blame for the ubiquitous
THEY who either didn't build enough flood defences or even allowed it to rain! Where do these headlines go? One day it is cataclysmic then our newshound are searching for the next thing to feed on.

As I write we are in the midst of a pandemic. The World (including me!) doesn't seem to have the vaguest idea how we will get through it. At our age, Bill and I doubt if we shall see the end of it but I expect people in the midst of the Black Death had similar thoughts.

Black Death
In 1349 the Black Death affected the entire country, before dying down towards the end of the year. Mortality figures have been revised upwards due to re-examination of data, and a figure of 40 percent of the population is now widely accepted, that would be some two million deaths.

Were that to happen with the current 'plague', and with todays population figures, it would mean something like twenty-four million deaths. As Bill says "It's being so cheerful as keeps me going!"

Switch the news off and let's watch Strictly Come Dancing


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