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I suppose most people ask that question. At our age we usually finish up wondering who we would give it to!
Lottery Ticket

That’s probably to do with the fact that we are rich but before you start composing the begging letter - we are not wealthy. What’s the difference? Well, if you are wealthy you have a big number at the bottom of the bank statement and you have your savings invested rather than in the Post Office. Being rich on the other hand means you have everything you NEED and quite few things you just want. We have paid off the mortgage, can have a glass of wine with our evening meal and it wouldn’t be a total disaster if the central heating boiler needed replacing.

Fact Book
This blog was sparked off by a book Bill and I have been reading (We do read some weird stuff!) ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling. He suggests that we get facts wrong and mostly see things getting worse rather than better. Things like poverty, violence and disease. It’s all fascinating stuff and really makes you think. Whilst agreeing with most of his ‘Facts’ I have one reservation, everything seems to be measured in material terms.

This is where it gets difficult. I can’t argue against the reduction in child poverty or the increase in life expectancy but its a bit like the tailor’s comment to a client "Never mind the quality, feel the width!".
Old man

We all want to live longer providing we can still recognise our family and aren’t bed ridden. But how do you measure ‘Quality of Life’? I have a feeling that had I been able to see me now from when I was thirty I would have been horrified - wrinkled, slow, forgetful, increasingly deaf, two pairs of spectacles and a thirty eight inch waist - but from where I am now it isn’t too bad and as Doreen says "It’s much better than the alternative".

We hear about poverty all the time these days but as Professor Joad said "It all depends what you mean
by poverty". I heard of someone the other day who said "My son can’t afford to take his family abroad for a holiday this year - now that’s real poverty!". At the risk of being politically incorrect, I wonder how much of todays poverty is down to being unable to deal with the situation in which you find yourself?

I remember when I was a teenager watching the old black and white TV where they were interviewing a young man with his wife and two children, somewhere in London. Water was running down the walls he had no job and no food. I said to my Dad "Why doesn’t he get off his backside and move to where there is work?". Dad said "When I was young I had to get my self out of a similar situation and move, you would probably do the same but that poor chap hasn’t the mental ability to do that. You can’t criticise him any more than you can be criticised for being afraid of heights”

Fear of heights

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