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How the World strikes us

As I write the news is full of stories about the UK leaving the EU. Every TV news channel is full of interviews with politicians, financial exp
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erts, business men and the so called ‘Man in the street’ who usually has a personal axe to grind. Newspapers have hundreds of column inches on the same theme. They all have one thing in common - they know what is going to happen next. This varies from utter disaster to the equivalent of the second coming.

I don’t think anybody knows! Similar prognostications are hurled about with every news story. Elections, financial crises, recessions, in fact any news story. Reading about these things for many years, the simple truth is
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that something will happen. It be may nothing like the expert forecasts but ‘Stuff happens’. One or two will be able to say ‘I told you so!’ but most will claim to have been quoted out of context or simply forget what they said. Here is our forecast for Brexit. Some will be better off; some will be worse off; some things will improve; some things will worsen. As with decimalisation, most things will cost a bit more.

When the dust settles, you and I will carry on with our life - having a good old moan about what ‘They’ have done and are doing. We shall complain about the weather, wonder why our football team isn’t doing better (As if it matters!). Life will seem to rush past faster and faster and who knows, we might find ourselves arguing as to whether we should become the 51st State of the USA or if Cornwall and Yorkshire should have independence.

In other words the lyrics might be different but the tune will be just the same.

Comment from William
We have had 4 years of this nonsense and it’s time for a bit of peace. 

Now we have Corona virus and we are all doomed. But wait a minute, weren’t we all doomed with Sars and bird flu?

In 2020 we are bombarded with news from tv, radio and now the internet. It’s all sensational and hype. Once upon a time we got straight forward facts (slanted maybe) but it tended to be matter of fact. Lots of people I know have started to avoid the news because it has started to affect their mood and well being. 

I wonder what it was like for my Great Grandfathers who were illiterate in the days before the wireless and TV

Bill's Grandad

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