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How the World strikes us

My mind’s a blank! Well not literally, My brain is busy wondering what we
Care home
shall have for dinner (It is just 8.35am!), what will happen after Brexit, if we shall all die of Chinese coronavirus or if global warming will get us first and whether I should have shaved this morning or just leave it until tomorrow. Will I hear the voice calling "Come in number 22, your time’s up"or is my fate to end up in a room full of geriatrics all sitting there staring down at their knees. All of which doesn’t leave much room for a new blog. (I’m alright really. I try to live with the motto "If tomorrow is no worse than this - it’ll do!")

Normally something on the news catches my eye or Bill comes up with one of his weird philosophical ideas or my other friend, Bill - better known as William - drops a bit of Yorkshire folklore in my email box but nothing - that’s why my mind is a blank.

I looked back over the things we have written about and it’s an interesting exercise. It is a bit like looking at someone other persons scribblings. Much of it is crap (If you will forgive the expression); some of it looks like pretentious nonsense; some quite interesting, and without allowing conceit to creep in, some of it is thought provoking.

We started out not to persuade people to think the way we do or to suggest our beliefs and attitudes are right. In fact I remember one blog where we suggested that if someone says "I know I’m right" - that’s the end of any
Never Wrong
discussion. No, what we hoped was that we would all question hard set attitudes and beliefs. Not to destroy values and convictions but to see from where they originated. Are they the result of nurture where ideas are seeded and cultivated by parents, peers, teachers and tutors or have we carefully considered all options before locking them into our own personality?

I still seem to have many more questions than answers. Looking at my early days I would have no hesitation in categorising myself as working class but I have a feeling that today many would say I was middle class. But what do
Food Bank
these terms mean these days? How would you define a working man? Is it to do with salary levels or skills? Someone who works for the cleansing department for a monthly salary would seem to fit but does a bank manager who also earns a monthly wage fit the bill?

Having memories of the 1930s and 40s I can remember being poor but find it impossible to make comparisons of being hard up then and the poverty of the 21st century. I recognise that there is a great disparity between the very wealthy and the very poor but I also see that the vast majority of us have
never been better off than we are now. BUT all the measurements for ‘Better off’ seem to be in material terms. More money, more things, more holidays, bigger TVs, cars, houses etc. but surely there must be another way of assessing life.

Some would claim it was ‘Happiness’ but that has many different meanings. Eight pints of beer and a curry? Winning the lottery? Sitting on a hilltop watching the sun set? Spending time with someone you care for? Solitude? Going shopping? Go on, what’s yours? Is a ‘good life’ contentment, peace, excitement? I simply don’t know.

Until the next time my mind happens to be blank . . . . . . .

Empty head

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