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Bill and I started this website in November 2018 and it’s now January 2020. With over a hundred so called blogs under our belt there must be some repetition but I’m blowed if I know where these duplications are.

I suppose it is inevitable that the same ideas come to mind, after all it is one of the perks of old age to tell the same tales over and over again. So, sorry if we’ve
Head 1
said it all before but Bill and I were talking and I couldn’t remember the name of an old acquaintance. I roughly described him and asked Bill for the name. As is often the case when I do that with anyone or they do that with me, it seems to drive the name from both minds!.

This led us on to what is in our heads. Brain and mind are not the same. Your brain is a visible part of the body. Your mind is the invisible world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination.

Your mind has tremendous power over all bodily systems.In medical terms we all know there is a brain but trying to break it down in to all the ‘bits’ is very difficult. For a start there must be a huge lump doing the automatic things we don’t even think about. Pumping blood around the body, digesting food, blinking our eyes, regulating body temperature, swallowing, talking (Not a language but the mechanics of speaking) and a host of other activities and skills.

We will probably come back to talking about all the bits in a later blog but the two bits that got Bill going were what he describes as the animal mind and the human, thinking mind. The animal mind is the mind that all animals, lions, cats, dogs, elephants and human beings are given at birth. They were evolved over billions of years to help keep us safe and secure in our own particular environment.

The animal mind seems to be the first that comes to the fore and it is vital. It is
Fear Brain
very powerful but does not work by thinking but by reacting to events. This instinctive mind tells us to run, fight, play dead - in fact react almost mindlessly to things that happen around us. To put it in my simple language, if you see something is about to fall on your head, no thought is necessary, you instinctively get out of the way. If, on the other hand you see, as you walk, that you are going to bump into something the second mind comes into force and you decide whether to move to the right or left or simply stop.

The second mind is the human mind, much newer and developed over
Human lineage
thousands of years It is a thinking mind that can sort out problems, take information in to consideration, make up stories, write poetry, sing, dance, do all manner of art. This is the mind that has lifted us up from the animal world to something very different it takes us to where we are today - the top of the pile. What does the Bible say:

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.". (We made our usual good job of that, especially multiplying!)

We can now use this human mind, if we choose, to make the world a very much better place and I suppose it must also hold the bad bits that are violent even to the extent of killing our fellow creatures in war. However, there are times when you can decide to overrule the instinctive mind, push it to the back and use the human mind. Let us take an example to see how we can, if we choose, behave differently.

I am driving in the car, a boy racer cuts in front of me, nearly clipping my front end as he races off down the road. The animal mind takes over, It is always first as its main job is to keep us safe and it is very good and quick at its job. “Who the hell was that idiot, who is he trying to kill, I’m not having it , I’ll show him". Foot the floor and off down the road after him. We are into road
rage and it could be catastrophic. However, we can step in and let the human mind to take over. "He could be dashing to the hospital with his pregnant wife. We are alright no harm done to us, apart from a bit of a shake up, it doesn’t really matter we might as well forget about it". That’s probably not the best example but I am sure you will be able to recall when you have allowed the ‘animal’ to take over.

Another very powerful part of this animal mind is
SEX. As important as survival it is the drive to procreate, As God said ‘Be fruitful, and multiply’ If you want to know how powerful this bit is, take a look around you. How many pop songs do you know where love and sex aren’t a major part of the lyrics. How many media stories are to do with sex in one form or another. It appears that very often we are unable to get the thinking mind to take over. And, at the risk of offending the women who might read this, that lump of the animal mind is in the female as well as the male brain. It is so basic that you can’t even start to analyse it but think for a moment, why do you make yourself attractive and if you do what are you trying to attract?

Attractive woman

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