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How the World strikes us

It was a newspaper photograph that started me thinking. It was a group of women at some sort of red carpet affair. They were all wearing black to support the ‘Me Too’ movement for women who have been sexually harassed.
Me Too
The women who read this will have to forgive my ignorance but they may be able to explain some things I find puzzling. First all some basics. Why would a group such as this have skirts split almost to the waist, cleavage to the navel and red pouting lips? I suppose as celebrities they have to compete to be as beautiful and attractive as possible.

But that again raises a basic question - take the word ‘attractive’. I looked on the internet for a definition and found
‘Being attractive usually means you're beautiful enough to pull in the attention of others’. Am I wrong in thinking that for a woman it would mean being attractive to men? If I am right would not dressing as in the photograph attract men, good and bad?
Wolf whistle

I am sure women are flattered when men find them attractive. In the ‘old days’ some women were quite upset when builders
didn’t wolf whistle as they walked past a building site. It is all a matter of degree. To feel attractive is one
thing, to be verbally or physically harassed is another.

But back to our ‘Me Too’ photograph. They are representative of a special group women who, because of their dreams and desire to be a ‘Star’ are especially vulnerable to sexual predators. There you are dressed to the nines, as attractive as possible with a man who is in a position to advance your career, a man with the power to help fulfil your dreams. He makes sexual advances and tries to proposition you.
Woman swearing
In a more normal work environment you would give him an earful of language that would make his hair curl, kick him hard on the shins (or elsewhere) and let him know in no uncertain terms what to do with his job.

BUT it’s not so straightforward in the TV or Film producers office. He is able to stop your route to stardom in its tracks. What’s more he can spread the message amongst the other sleaze bags. I would love to know what you think?
S Market

Should you stick to your principles and go back to filling shelves at the supermarket or grit your teeth, think of England and hope you will achieve fame, fortune and become a star.

Anyway, your day for revenge will come. Lawyers don’t just chase ambulances, they search the internet and news channels like predatory sharks looking for tasty morsels like you. Then you will have him!

There will be money in it and you can bet your neck the lawyer will get much more than you!


Comment from John

Hi Arthur,
On the subject of blog 'Me Too' there is are a dark side to this.
It has often occurred to me -  that many women can and do wear short, revealing and downright sexy clothing. Miniskirts reaching to the bottom of the knickers, sleeveless low-cut blouses revealing cleavage with 25% in and 75% out, add a bit of a wiggle and that should be enough for any red-blooded male to turn and take a quick double-take. 
Hopefully this won't offend any women readers but facts are facts. These are not my thoughts - but I've heard it said often, 'Look at the the way she's dressed she's just asking for it.' Of course that's nonsense, women are entitled to wear whatever they please and to do so in safety, no woman asks to be harassed and most definitely no woman asks to be raped.
However women do need to understand when they dress in a sexy manner, do so with an air of caution, you may be unintentionally inviting a sexual predator. There is a tiny proportion of the male population that do not appear to have a control valve. 99.9% of men have no problem, but it's that 0.1% where the trouble lies. And they're the ones that give all men a bad name.

Don't look
Ladies, if you don't want your breasts stared at, don't put them on display! Really! You're your own worst enemies. A friend was caught  staring at an office receptionist's breasts, when asked "Why are you staring at my boobs? You should be looking at my face!" His response was "Your face isn't all that interesting" Any correspondence to this brave young man should be sent care of TheRoyal Brisbane Hospital
And also ladies, if you don't want to be classified as a sexual object, stop trying to look like one! You can't sit on two chairs. The equation: Temptation + Lack of self control + Opportunity = High percentage of probability.

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