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How the World strikes us

I read of the Bushfires in Australia and emailed my friend John who lives in an area of Australia near the fires. I received this email as a reply.

When we started this blog the challenge was to look at other points of view with an open mind. Not necessarily to agree or disagree - just to look, listen and see if we could learn.

We’re living in a country that's burning up. Years of drought have dried the landscape considerably, to the point that the countryside is like a tinderbox.
Bushfires h
Bush Fire
ave been raging since August, yet our summer hasn't even started yet, not till next month. I dread to think about what might happen if Oz doesn't get a good amount of soaking rain in the near future, not the deluge Queensland suffered last year that sent almost all the livestock, native fauna and a lot of topsoil straight out to sea.
However in my way of looking at things, why should God bless this country? 

We've taken him out of schools, we're just about to remove the Lord's Prayer before sitting of parliament. Christians are persecuted just for their beliefs, 70% of a recent poll wish that people would keep their religion to themselves. Atheism is the fastest growing religion here.
Plane crash
This country is where a football star gets sacked for mentioning scripture on a social website, yet if he beats up a fellow player, or is convicted of embezzlement a rap over the knuckles is his reward. Where the name Jesus has become a swearword and the only time most people pray to a god they don't believe in is when they're sitting in a plane and the engines suddenly die and the plane is hurtling towards the ground.
So, why should God bless a country that hates him?
Sorry, that's my rant for the day.

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