Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

I shouldn’t do this but I have started writing blog without working it out in my head so you will just have to sort it out as you read.

We are looking at the same things but do you see what I see?

What do you make of this?
Mondrian painting
A not unattractive pattern of shapes. According to your decor, you might even hang a print like this on your wall. You can buy one on Amazon for about £25.

On the other hand you might be the person who bought this painting by Piet Mondrian called ‘Composition No. III with Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black’, at auction in America for fifty million dollars. He or she must see something quite different. The common gut reaction would be something like "They must be barmy" or "When they look at it they must see dollar signs".

Digressing for a moment. If you bought a life size, superb quality print in a frame identical to the one Mondrian used, which might cost you several hundred dollars, would the top experts recognise it as a print from across the room? I think not!

Let’s look at something else.

Out for a meal, you are served with Langoustine as a first course. Delicious seafood or creepy things with legs and ‘feelers’. One person’s reaction is a broad smile the other ‘Yeughh!’. Both are looking at the same thing but ‘seeing’ it differently.

Now look at these two fairly ordinary looking blokes.

Jeremy & Boris

Depending on how your father voted or words from your university tutor or shop steward, will probably depend on how you view these two. With all the political polls, and expert views, we know that roughly 50% will favour one or the other. Let’s say one is ‘A’ and the other is ‘B’ without saying which is which. If your reality tells you that ‘A’ is the ‘One’, does that mean that 50% of the population are, to say the least, misguided? It gets worse. The horrid abuse that flies about against one party or the other and even individuals is totally out of order. One pop group even had a song called "Kill the Tory Scum" and I am sure similar sentiments are expressed by the other side.

Very shortly, one of these two will be Prime Minister. Some will say "If it’s him we might as well give up" or "He will save us. We shall all be OK if he gets in". The other sentiment will be that it doesn’t matter a toss. Since 1930 there have been about twenty prime ministers. No matter who it was, we still payed the mortgage, went to work, worried about the future, brought up the kids, laughed, cried, cheered our football team, payed our taxes, talked about the weather, moaned about what
THEY were doing in the government and were convinced that our chosen political party was the best. In other words we were, very largely, all the same but saw things differently because, paradoxically, we are all different and these differences affect how we see, hear, taste and smell the World around us.


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