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MOVING THE FURNITURE ROUND . . .whilst the house is burning down!

An old colleague of mine used the phrase ‘Moving the furniture round whilst the house is burning down’.
House fire

In other words fiddling with bits and pieces rather than tackling the real problem. Over the last three years or so we seem to have been doing just that.

Brexit, General Elections, new Prime Ministers, changing the rules on expenses, throwing a few MPs out of the party - It may all be very necessary but the house is still burning down and it seems to be getting more serious. What’s worse the very people who should be tackling the fire, namely the members of parliament, seem to be intent in making sure their money earning seats are moved away from the flames.

It is said that changes to language start at the bottom and work up. In other words ‘Ordinary’ people change and modify the way we write and speak. However, morals and ethical standards surely must come from the top down. At one time these came from the Church but over recent years, instead of striving for God’s approval, we seem to have created a God out of money.

Stephen Fry once said we were making too much fuss about people fiddling expenses. His justification was that everyone fiddles, somehow inferring that this sort of behaviour is normal and acceptable. This is turning the situation on its head.

People do fiddle. They take their sick leave days, even though they may be as fit as fleas - because it’s in the rules. Lunches are charged to expenses even though we managed on a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps. The laptop computer we use at home actually belongs to the firm but they’ll never miss it. We might be claiming unemployment benefits but if we can earn a few hundred quid doing odd jobs - why not?
MP Exes

Is it any wonder these things happen when our ‘Leaders’ exploit the system for all they are worth, in many cases stepping over the legal boundaries. They should be setting the standards of behaviour for society. Sadly the standards they set, lead in a downward spiral. No one would expect MPs to do the job for nothing but being a member of parliament seems to be an opportunity to earn big money and rather than a way to promote chosen political beliefs, many seem to chose Left or Right as a means of ‘Getting in’.

And, as an afterthought, aren’t MPs part of a government that should be devoting its energies to debating what is best for us all rather than trying to get their snouts in the trough and entering into slanging matches more suited to the school playground?


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