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How the World strikes us

In European Conservation year, way back in 1970 (Yes, I am so old) I remember seeing a farmyard in Herefordshire with a huge pile of rotting apples. The farmer explained that he was unable to sell these beautiful English eating apples as imports from France were so cheap he couldn’t compete. He explained he still had to collect them from the orchard as his cattle grazed there and developed colic from eating the fallen fruit.

I was reminded of this by a recent TV news item which suggested because of Brexit there was a shortage of cheap immigrant labour to pick the apples and we were back to the 1970’s with heaps of rotting fruit around our orchards. I looked at the apples on my fruit bowl which were bought at the local supermarket. I try to understand economics but fail to understand how apple growers in New Zealand can pick their apples, presumably using some form of cheap labour, label them, pack them, ship them half way round the World and still beat our prices.

Apples 4 Apple label

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