Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us


The new world has much to offer. We tend to take for granted things like central heating, air conditioned cars, holidays abroad,
Sitting at computer
food from all over the world and shopping on the internet without even getting out of your chair. You can buy from Europe, America, China or Australia. Compare prices and have it delivered to your door.

Unfortunately the new internet world hasn't got much character. There isn't an internet site with the equivalent of a little dark hardware shop with a stock of bits and pieces that have been there for years and with an assistant who knows just what you want and which drawer to look in. He won’t expect you to know the model number or try to sell you screws by the hundred.

Sweet shop
You won’t find an internet corner sweetshop with a window you can actually stand and look in, or a bakers where you can smell the newly baked bread or a small grocers shop where you can smell the freshly ground coffee.

Stare at the screen as you browse internet and you will never meet a friend you haven't seen in two weeks coming down the street; you won’t stop to look in the
pram of a neighbour to see the new baby or call in at the pub for a quick pint on your way home.

The computer gives us all the advantages of being able to choose and order whatever we want and we don’t even need cash, but we never get the pleasure of going into a shop where the owner actually knows your mum or your grandma and where we can see jars of goodies on the shelves.

The internet is good but it’s like takeaway food ordered on line. it’s never going to match Mum’s Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and home made gravy.

Sunday dinner

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