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How the World strikes us

In a December 2018 blog (Blimey, have we been going so long !?) we talked of Father and Son. Now it’s the turn of Mother and Daughter. I am no expert but I wonder if Mums try to re-live their own lives as they watch their daughters grow. As an old codger I wish Mums would let their little girls be just that - Little Girls. All too soon she will be grown up, find a partner or a husband and move out of the nest.
little girl woman

Modern commercial and peer pressure almost forces them to grow up quickly. Designer clothes, designed to make them look like young women, makeup, fancy hair styles, nails, jewellery. It doesn’t matter if they play with prams and dolls or join the boys in playing cricket and climbing trees, for me it is so sad that they are all too often robbed of those precious years as a child.

I can almost hear the shock horror at the thought that your daughter is a tomboy. You wanted her to have all the glamour of a
Hollywood film star. Does it mean she is transgender or is going to be a lesbian? No, it means she is finding her way in life and enjoying it. Looking over my life I can remember tomboys who could kick a football with the best of us, had bruised knees and knuckles from climbing trees but as they grew turned into beautiful women.

Boys in skirts
Just think of the confusion for girls (and boys for that matter) when schools insist all pupils have to wear trousers and will not be allowed into school if they turn up wearing skirts. Or, to my mind, even worse where boys and girls are allowed to choose whether to wear skirts or trousers. I can just imagine my school pals either being horrified at the thought or larking about arriving at school in mum’s old skirt.

Your daughter isn’t born wanting to be a woman at the age of ten or twelve, it is thrust upon her and Mums are at least complicit in making the child look like a woman and making her into a target ! I am not clever enough to know what makes a paedophile tick, I just thank the Lord that I am not driven by the devils that are within them. Is there not a danger that the twelve or fourteen year old with painted nails, ear rings, make up and clothes designed to make her look ten years older, will attract the attention of the sick man?

For goodness sake let her get muddy and play sport. Try to steer her away from the pressures of advertisers who don’t give a toss about your child but simply want to persuade you and your child that in order to be ‘In the swing’ you need to spend your money on ‘Growing up fast’.
Child with doll

Could this commercial pressure have an affect on relationships? Does it not propagate the ‘Off with old and on with the new’ philosophy? My daughters had dolls and soft toys which they wouldn’t part with at any price. Now, children are encouraged to swap for the latest model. A doll that uses the potty, speaks, has hair that grows.

The old precious and much loved companion is out of date and must be discarded. Do you think that could carry over to boyfriends?

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