Two Old Codgers

How the World strikes us

In spite of being well known for our blunt language Jacqui warns me that my use of the word “love” might cause offence. I
Yorkshire miners
come from Yorkshire where most men refer to women as “love” with no offence intended. In fact in some parts of Yorkshire, men call their male friends “old love” again without any offence, it is purely a figure of speech and a term of manly affection.

I understand that these terms of endearment are now deemed as demeaning or patronising. What on earth happened to us, to make these innocent remarks offensive? But then I am not known as ‘Dinosaur Bill’ for nothing.

All that and yet offensive swearing seems to be OK. My dad used to refer to swearing as ‘Pit language’ and would reprimand any one using it. Even on one occasion telling off a group of youths on the bus. I dread to think what would become of him nowadays!

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