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How the World strikes us

A fair amount of supposition and guesswork in this blog but I wonder how near the mark it is.

A colour full page advert in the Daily Telegraph costs about £40,000. This year on Saturday December21st 2019 Chanel have a four full page, full colour advert which covers the Daily Telegraph back and front, plus a fifth full page, full colour advert inside the paper.

Telegrapg Ad

I have no doubt that tomorrow the Sunday Telegraph will have something similar as will other UK and foreign newspapers. Sticking with todays’ Telegraph, would it be unreasonable to assume it has cost something near £200,000? How can Chanel possibly afford to pay out so much? I don’t think they do - YOU DO!

Chanel No 5

This bottle of scent (Sorry, Perfume) costs about £200. I am no expert but I guess it leaves the factory (Sorry, Perfumery) with a manufacturing cost of about £5. However, when the Board of Directors sit round working out the price with a team of accountants they will add to the cost of the bottle, packaging and actual scent (Sorry, Perfume) the cost of advertising. So as you dab a tiny drop behind your ear or wherever, remember £195 of your £200 paid for the advertising.

Bah Humbug ! Oh! Go on then. Have a Happy Christmas.

Computer Perfume

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