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How the World strikes us

In the blog ‘Promises, promises’ I forecast a hung parliament. How wrong can you get. It’s a few days after we went to the polls and Boris Johnson's party has the largest Tory majority since 1987. If a political leader expressed some of these sentiments it would cheer me up
Don't mention election

"The people of the UK voted to leave the EU and no matter what opinions we as individual politicians hold, we are here to represent the views of the electorate and that is what we shall do. We all have ideas of the difference leaving the EU will make to our lives but to be honest no one can be sure. My view is that there will be significant changes. In the short term there will be good things and bad. For a while some will be worse off, for some things will improve. There will be difficulties to overcome and changes to be made but I believe that in the long term the United Kingdom can move forward into a better, brighter future. I hope we can retain our relationship with our neighbours across the channel. We are all Europeans with individual National characteristics. We want to ensure that those differences do not drive us apart but like the differences of individual members of within a family cement us closer together. At the same time we shall have the freedom to create stronger ties with other countries across the world.

I also want to stop referring to the other political parties as ‘The opposition’. They too are the peoples’ elected representatives chosen to help govern our wonderful country. There is a tendency to reject anything proposed by ‘The Other Side’ just because ‘they’ said it. I want us to start listening - not to agree with things that go against our beliefs but to recognise a great reservoir of political experience and expertise and to adopt, and if necessary modify, ideas which may be of universal benefit. The eyes of our people and the people of the world are on us, let’s make sure we set standards of manners and behaviour in this house and outside of which we can all be proud."

As Bill says "No bloody chance!"


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