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Bill and Arthur are two old friends - and we do mean old. As the saying goes "Sometimes they sit and think and sometimes they just sit"

Two Old men
When they sit together they do three things, they sit and think and they talk. And boy! do they talk. This blog is a result of this thinking and talking. They aren't trying to persuade you to change the way you think or abandon your beliefs and attitudes but we cannot help asking questions and seeing if the answer has the ring of truth. You know what we mean? You tap a drinking glass and it rings true or if it is cracked it simply doesn't ring true.

We really would like to persuade you to ask questions, especially the awkward ones. The ones that challenge your deeply held beliefs. Not to change from left to right or find a new religion but open your mind and accept that there may be other points of view. However, be warned. It is just possible that hard set ideas planted when you were young or even a child might, might show cracks.

Take a look at our blog. See if our questions and ideas strike a chord with you. If they do just dig a bit deeper, ask yourself disturbing questions, you never know your life might change. Just click on one of the titles on the right to go to the page and if you find it of interest, do come back.

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